What is OSR?
The OSR has several acceptable acronyms but to me it stands for Old School Renaissance. The OSR in general is an RPG community rooted in old school or “original” D&D concepts. I won’t say more because “to be OSR” is very vague beyond that. Anyone who claims to have a real definition for what it means to be OSR is a liar and probably a jerk.

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What is the point of the OSR Art Commons?

The main goal of this site is to better include the representation of women, people of color, and minorities in the OSR community. One way I see to do that is to simply make that art for free.  I also search public domain content and add works that support the goal of the site. This means if I find an artist whose entire work is now public domain, I may not upload it all. There are many public domain sites out there, but this one has a specific purpose.

Who can use the OSR Art Commons?
Anyone can use the OSR Art Commons. Every piece of art featured here is public domain or, in the case of modern OSR artists who contribute, under CC BY License.

The OSR Art Commons is meant to be a resource for small budget projects. It’s always better to hire an artist. But if you’re getting started in the OSR or times are tight, I hope this site helps you!