calling OSR artists

If  you’re an artist, one way to help out the OSR art commons is to create or offer existing OSR art.

There is a special category for work contributed by modern OSR artists labeled “by OSR artist.” Anyone looking to use modern OSR art will easily be able to find your work. Offering your work is a charitable act for the OSR community and no compensation can be offered. As the admin of the art commons I am not being compensated in any way and will not make money off your work.

If you choose to contribute art, your work will fall under CC BY license.

Any art piece that you contribute to the art commons will be noted by how you want to be attributed. Additionally the CC BY logo and link to the CC BY license will be included. I’m also happy to include any links to websites or social media you want to promote your work.

I encourage you to read the full CC BY license for yourself. For any piece of art you contribute, anyone will be allowed to share, adapt, and use for any purpose, even commercially, as long as they give you proper credit.


Another option: you can have any work you contribute just fall into public domain. Giving credit to you will be encouraged but no license will be enforceable. Any OSR artist who opts to have their piece be public domain will have their post noted by a public domain logo.

Contact me at morriebird the mail service that google runs .com if interested