How to Search

In the right sidebar is a filter search. You can select as many categories as you like. Every post has at least one category in each section GENERAL, REGION, DATE, and THEME.

As an example, The Bell of Dōjōji by Goble, Warwick is categorized in person, asia-east, 1900, and folk/fairy.

You can easily customize your search.

For example, if you want a landscape, and don’t care about any other details, just select landscape and click search.

If you want people from a comic book set in Europe, but don’t care about when the art was made, then select person, europe-west, and comic.

About the Category Sections

This is to help you optimize your searches by explaining how I think of the category sections: GENERAL, REGION, DATE, and THEME.

GENERAL: The most broad section designed to separate all posts into three groups – persons, creatures, and landscapes. Persons is any post that has a human or humanoid. Creatures may refer to real animals or fantasy animals. Landscapes may have people or creatures in them but the landscape is central part of the image.

REGION: This category section is based on the content of the art. For example, The Bell of Dōjōji by Goble, Warwick was created by an English artist but was made for a book about Japanese folklore. Because the content of the art is Japanese, the REGION category is asia-east.

DATE: This category section goes by when the art itself was made. It does not go by the content of the art. For example, if an artist in the 1900s drew a picture set in 1500 Tudor England, the DATE category would be 1900.

THEME – This is to categorize the general content or style of the art. Such as, is the image from a comic book. Is it based on a fairytale? Or is it overall realistic with little or no supernatural elements.

Other Notes

The categories will grow as more content is added. If you don’t see a category you want, it’s because nothing like it is in the OSR art commons yet.